Linen suit

The wearer's garments

Gaardhagen & Kanaljen is a unique collection of men’s clothing that we produce ourselves from fabrics made of 100% linen from some of Europe’s remaining linen weavers.

As the world’s first known textile, linen was extensively used in clothing, interior decoration, and wraps for the ancient pharaohs. The preparation of the material is time-consuming and difficult, which makes linen fabrics always expensive. In our holy scripture, the Bible, one can often read that the gods often wore garments of the finest linen.

Historically, suits were sewn in linen fabrics that were slightly heavier and denser, which gave the garments a natural drape and thus avoided the harsh creases that often characterize a lower-quality linen suit. We exclusively work with fabrics made of 100% linen that have the properties mentioned above.

Our idea is to create garments that you can “live” in, not have to worry about stains and wear. Therefore, all our garments can be machine washed on a delicate cycle up to 40 degrees Celsius, preferably with a short spin cycle, which facilitates ironing and pressing, which should always be done on slightly damp clothes as you can easily stretch out and press the linen fiber.

The linen suit has always been associated with summer and sun for us here in Europe, which is not a coincidence.

Linen can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet and breathes in a way that even on the hottest days when you become very warm, you can feel cool and comfortable in your linen clothes.

Almost all of our linen suits are made according to historical models from the early 1900s. Just like the originals, the jackets are unlined with taped edges on the inside to create as cool and malleable a garment as possible.

Unlike many other suits and garments, the linen suit was often sewn by seamstresses from old fabric scraps and flour sacks, which at that time were made of finely woven linen of the highest quality.

The original suits were often patched, darned, let out, and taken in, indicating that the wearer truly used their linen suit for many years and on many occasions; you can really see that they were favorite garments that one never wanted to part with.

Over time, all jackets and suits become “the wearer’s garments”; they mold to the body’s movement patterns and become completely unique in this way. Often, you can’t even tell that two gentlemen are wearing the same original model, something that we at Gaardhagen & Kanaljen find very nice and elegant.


A timeless wardrobe

Despite its simple construction, the linen suit has always had its rightful place in every gentleman’s wardrobe, and it’s not uncommon to have witnessed royalties and famous personalities proudly sporting their suits. For instance, Theodore Roosevelt during his inspection of the Panama Canal in 1910, when he was photographed in his white linen suit and Panama hat, or Mark Twain, who, after starting to wear linen suits, was rarely seen in anything else during the summer.

The examples and personalities are numerous, all of whom have embraced the linen suit and consistently triumph when wearing this elegant and romantic garment.

If you become one of the fortunate ones to discover our linen suits, we dare to promise you many joyful occasions and moments.