Linen shirt

Not just a summer shirt

The linen shirt was, 200 years ago, the dress shirt; they were long in the body and sleeve, and a measure was that you should be able to bring together the back and front pieces at the crotch, then the shirt had the right length, otherwise the tailor had been stingy with the fabric. The long sleeve with double cuffs was adjusted with sleeve garters, especially during office work when one did not want to get the cuff in the ink.

The linen shirt is today synonymous with summer shirts, casual and cool but also elegant. For the aficionado, it is the perfect shirt year-round, especially if worn with a wool or cashmere sweater on top of the shirt, as the properties of linen always make you feel cool and fresh.

The shirt should preferably be adorned with genuine pearl buttons to reach its perfection.

The linen often came from Northern Ireland, Belfast, which at this time was called Linenopolis, and there were hundreds of linen mills producing fantastic fabrics from the tall-flax linen.

Detachable collars and cuffs were made of very fine and tightly woven linen, and it was said that if one didn’t pay the laundry bill on time, they stiffened the collars so much that it cut into the skin like a knife. The high frock coat collar was often called the ‘father killer’ and must have been almost impossible to wear.


A timeless wardrobe

Despite its simple construction, the linen suit has always had its rightful place in every gentleman’s wardrobe, and it’s not uncommon to have witnessed royalties and famous personalities proudly sporting their suits. For instance, Theodore Roosevelt during his inspection of the Panama Canal in 1910, when he was photographed in his white linen suit and Panama hat, or like Mark Twain, who, after starting to wear linen suits, was rarely seen in anything else during the summer.

The examples and personalities are numerous, all of whom have embraced the linen suit and consistently triumph when wearing this elegant and romantic garment.

If you become one of the fortunate ones to discover our linen suits, we dare to promise you many joyful occasions and moments.

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