Kanaljen's Linen Suit

A timeless original

Today, Kanaljen resides in new premises at Köpmansgatan 6 in Höganäs. We are open the whole year. Welcome!

Our vision

Gaardhagen & Kanaljen is a unique collection of men’s clothing produced by ourselves using fabrics made of 100% linen from some of Europe’s remaining linen weavers.

Over time, all jackets and suits become the wearer’s own, as they mold to the body’s movement patterns, becoming completely unique.

Our idea is to create garments that you can “live” in, without having to worry about stains and wear.

An adventure

Gaardhagen & Kanaljen has been importing hats from Ecuador since 2004.

In the quest to find manufacturers, the journey first took us to the Panama Canal, where we quickly learned that despite the name, there is no production there.

The journey continued to Ecuador, and since then, we have traveled around all the hat-producing regions in the country. Today, we can say that we have a great deal of knowledge about this craft, which with its history leaves no one unaffected.

This is who we are

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a small family business, which we run with love and care. We care about you, our dear customers; we care about quality; we care about each other, and we want to nurture our environment.

We may be idealists, but we firmly believe in living in harmony with nature, with each other, and still being able to deliver clothes made from the highest quality materials.


1. Klässbols linneväveri AB
Damastvägen 5, 67185 Klässbols
telefon: +46 (0)570 460185
E-post: info@klassbols.se

2. Klässbols linneväveri AB
Sveavägen 104, 11350 Stockholm
telefon: +46 8 6123100

3. Hammargruppen AB
Väpnaregatan 8, 25452 Helsingborg
telefon: +46 (0)70 9122131
E-post: info@hammargruppen.se

4.Le Laboureur Sverige
Brödåkravägen 9, 31294 Laholm
E-post: info@lelaboureur.se

5. Kanaljen (HK) butik/ showroom
Öppet året runt, ring för mer info. 0707-252652
Köpmansgatan 6c
263 38 Höganäs
E-post: kanaljen@icloud.se

6. Webbutik

Odengatan 100
113 22 Stockholm
08-31 13 38

Come and visit us, call or email

Ask questions about anything

We are pleasant to deal with, and we respond quickly.